Terms & Conditions

Service Description

These Terms of Use cover the following services:

  • kotisatamandeitti.fi
  • “Valo – Kotisataman Deitti” app

Kotisatama Valo Oy can add features to the service and remove them at its discretion. Kotisataman Valo Oy may change the requirements concerning the content of the services, the contract or the equipment required for the use of the services without prior notice.

In addition to these Term of Use, the User agrees to comply with the instructions given by the administrators of the service.

Registering as a user

The user must register for the service and provide the information requested by Kotisatama Valo Oy upon registration. The user must be of legal age.

Username and password

Parts of the service can only be used with a personal username and password. The user must store their username and password securely in a way that ensures they do not come to the attention of others without the user’s consent. The user is responsible for all activities carried out with their username and password. If the username or password has come to the attention of a third party without the user’s consent, the user must change their password on their own. In case of problems, the user must contact the service administrator.

The user may only register once per service and must register using their own personal data.

By registering as a user to Valo, you grant Kotisatama Valo Oy permissions to send you Newsletters and Tutorial emails. This permission can be revoked by manually asking to be excluded from Newsletter or with the “Unsubscribe”-button found on the bottom of these emails. 

User Obligations

When using the Service, the User commits to complying with Finnish law and other applicable regulations as well as good manners. The User undertakes not to store, distribute, send, link or transmit any material in the Service that is in violation with the law, good manners or Christian values. In addition, the user must not disseminate doctrines contrary to the Apostle’s Creed through the service. The User agrees not to distribute any commercial advertising or information on the Site. The user undertakes not to use the service for activities that violate the law or good manners, such as hacking, asking for passwords or other similar activities that impair the general functionality of the Service. Such cases are always reported to the police.

  • The User is responsible for ensuring that any devices or software used by the User do not cause any harm to the Service or other users of the Service.
  • The User agrees not to post any copyrighted material to the Service, including images, music or videos belonging to others.
  • The User grants Kotisatama Valo Oy the right, if necessary, without compensation, to modify, copy, delete, publish or not publish any content that the User has made available in the Service.
  • The user commits to being loyal to the administrators of the Service. This means, for example, that the user does not start forming a group of users against either an individual user or the administrators of the Service. The user also commits to not publishing messages received from the administrators on a blog or other public forums.
  • The User must accept the penalties for any activities by the User that are against the rules. No complaints can be made about notices, warnings or bans made by administrators. While a ban is in force, the User cannot reregister under a new username.
  • The administrators can remove all or part of the rights of a User if the User violates the rules of the service. If the user has paid the service fee and acts in a way that is against the rules, the user will not be refunded the service fee under any circumstances. The user is aware that he/she loses the service fee he/she has paid if he/she acts contrary to the rules and gets a ban on the Service. If the deleted user registers with a new username, their rights may be revoked due to their previous activity without notice.
  • The charged service fee is also not refunded in the event that the User removes their account from the Service. In addition, the service fee cannot be passed on to anyone else.

Repeated violations of the rules will result in the suspension of the username from the Service, either for a limited period or for good. A serious breach of the rules can lead to legal action if the User’s activity meets the characteristics of a criminal offence.

Obligations of the kotisataman deitti and Valo users

In addition, the user of Kotisataman Deitti and Valo commits to the following:

  • The User ensures that the information sent by them is true. The User shall not mislead others with false personal data or fictitious stories.
  • The User ensures that the content on their profile is appropriate and in accordance with Christian values.
  • The User agrees to behave in a friendly, appropriate and polite manner towards others. The User may not disturb other users with their communication, for example in the form of inappropriate suggestions or continuous contact requests. The User commits to only sending notifications, messages and responses in accordance with Christian values in the dating service.
  • The User may not copy content produced by other users onto their own profile, or publish personal messages they receive on their blogs or anywhere else on the Service. It is also forbidden to forward private messages intended for personal use to others. This means that User may not jeopardize the privacy of other users with their actions.
  • The User of Kotisataman Deitti and Valo is obligated to notify the administrators of the Service if he/she notices any inappropriate dating ads in the Service.
  • Please note that messages sent by bulk are also considered inappropriate messages. The purpose is to encourage people to exchange meaningful, personal messages.
  • The user is not allowed to continuously create new usernames in the Service using different registration methods and login emails.
  • The User of the Service must understand that the online personalities in the Service may not fully correspond with reality. Therefore, the User should exercise caution when contacting other users. If the User becomes a victim of persistent harassment while getting acquainted with dating profiles, the User must report the matter to the administrators and report the offense to the police themselves if they so wish.

The rights and obligations of Kotisatama Valo Oy

  • Kotisataman Valo Oy aims to ensure the flawless operation of the Service, but does not guarantee the continuous flawless operation of the Service.
  • Kotisatama Valo Oy is not responsible for any damage caused to the User or third parties due to the use of the Service. Kotisataman Valo Oy is also in no way responsible for the data security between the Service and the User, and is not responsible for the content or delivery of messages.
  • Kotisataman Valo Oy is not responsible for the possible destruction, damage or failure to save content produced by the user.
  • Kotisatama Valo Oy is not responsible for any mental or physical damage caused to each other by users.
  • Kotisataman Valo Oy may stop providing the Service or terminate this Agreement without prior notice, and in such cases may delete all user data.
  • Kotisataman Valo Oy reserves the right to correct incorrect information provided by the User and to remove the profile from the Service. Kotisataman Valo Oy also reserves the right to ban the User from accessing the Service if the User repeatedly violates the Terms of Use.
  • Kotisataman Valo Oy reserves the right to restrict the visibility of users in the service if the Terms of Use are violated.
  • Kotisataman Valo Oy does not monitor, investigate, edit or disclose users’ private messages to third parties, except in the following situations:
    • required by law or regulation
    • if it’s necessary for the investigation or prevention of a breach of the Terms of Use;
    • if it’s necessary for protecting the rights of Kotisatama Valo Oy or a third party.
  • Kotisatama Valo Oy has the right to change or expand the Service and its Terms of Use if it so wishes.

The aforementioned conditions may be deviated from at the request of the authorities and Kotisatama Valo Oy may disclose information to the authorities at their request.

Data Privacy

Kotisataman Valo Oy complies with the Finnish data protection laws when processing personal data. For more details, see the privacy policy.

Rights to services

All rights (e.g. copyrights and other intellectual property rights) in the service belong to Kotisataman Valo Oy.

Links and Ads

Kotisataman Valo Oy is not responsible for the content of the advertisements in the service, or for the content, error-freeness or correctness of the information about the services offered in the advertisements or links.


Subscriptions of the mobile app Valo are automatically renewing subscriptions. The subscription will not renew at the end of the billing period if it is cancelled 24 hours before the end of the billing period. Subscriptions done through the app stores are canceled directly from the app store. Subscriptions done with other payment methods are cancelled by e-mail to tuki@kotisatamanvalo.fi.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Services and these Terms are governed by Finnish law. All disputes concerning the Terms of Use and the Service will be handled in the Helsinki District Court.